Roberta Lannes-Sealey Art and Photography

Roberta Lannes-Sealey believes that art and photography are forms of visual and mental transportation to a place, memory, feeling or a trigger for the viewer’s imagination.

Her photography spans the realms of editorial and portraiture to travel and the surreal. She shoots what intrigues her whether it is something as precise as a shape, texture or color or as vast as a real or imaginary landscape. She has utilized iPad apps to transform some of her images into vintage pieces, others into delightful propinquities. Her photographic illustrations for Christopher Conlon’s long zombie poem WHEN THEY CAME BACK, are available here—examples of the profound transformative power of the digital software.

Her digital drawing, painting, and illustration work evolved out of her hand-drawn, painted and composited imaging, expanding the limitations of the media she used. Attracted to moving and sometimes startling imagery, as well as the subtle and lyrical, she uses the computer to transform her photography. Sometimes painting onto an image, other times using digital software to transform the appearance, her purpose is to invite the eye to see beyond the original photograph, and touch the imagination.


All images © Roberta Lannes-Sealey 2024 and are available for purchase as prints.